Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Early Saturday Morning

Just got the eldest off to the high school where he will weigh in and then attend the punctuated boredom known as a wrestling tournament.

So I am sipping my coffee and considering what it is I will spew screed about this dark and stormy morn.

I can't talk much about prepping, I have been letting that slide lately, considering for a time whether such a thing is even a useful means of spending my time and money.  Oh, I am not saying that having a well-stocked pantry is a bad idea, but the strange idea of carrying an extended supply of foodstocks in the basement beyond what is already there may actually be counterproductive.

So what I have been thinking about is the nature of the society we live in.  A person who better illustrates my thoughts is James Burke.  I would spend some time watching the following clips.  It is the first episode of a series from the late seventies that really did start me thinking in the odd manner that you have been subjected to these last years.

Give these a watch, I'll be back later to talk about them.


Gather ye marbles said...

I just watched episode #3 "Distant Voices" which begins with the Battle of Hastings and concludes with SETI. I had forgotten how entertaining and thought-provoking this series is. All the episodes are on youtube now, I hope the copyright police don’t take them down too soon.

Adventures in Self Reliance said...

He had one about survival, though not called that. I think it was a connection about an old Iron plow. If you can't make an old Iron plow you can't make a modern society.
Loved his shows!

russell1200 said...

I was under the impression that all of us on the east coast were canabal fodder in any case.

Don't start reading about resource depletion (versu prepology) or you will back to being "paranoid" again.