Monday, June 27, 2011

Sad but true

The two party system that we are currently operating under appears to be ready to dish us up another big serving of crap.

Obama has been a disappointment.  I actually had a wee ray of hope that he would change something anything in the nest of corruption that we call a capital, but he let us down.  He has essentially become more Bushie than Bush. Pandering to the powers that be, caving into the monied interests, and generally being aa lapdog in the thrall of the Praetorian elite that have purchased the capital and its denizens.

The Republicans are getting ready to pull together their usual mishmash of corporate stooges, gun-nut fanatics, religious zealots, and imperial apologists. This year they are adding not just one MILF but two in order to keep the NASCAR guys enthralled with their dreams of a ménage à trois in the Blair house.

Huntsman might well prove to be interesting.  He isn't your normal Republican.  But, as a gentile who ran from Utah screaming, the thought is kind of scary.  Even with that being said, I may well have to shed my childhood prejudices and angst and work for the man.

I kinda doubt that we will see Obama in Washington post February 2013.  The man has done to little and taken too much for us to take him seriously.  He may well get re-elected, but I would have to get at least 4-1 odds to take the bet.


NoHype said...

Huntsman is an insider. Is it a coincidence he was the ambassador to China?

Bustednuckles said...

Not only will I not take that bet but I have one for you.
Two to one the Repubs cave at the last second before the debt limit expires.
Even odds they actually go through with it.
It's a given the Dems will cave anyway.
Moot point.