Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I am venting on a deeply held prejudice here.  Many of you will be offended, but I hope that you will just hear me out.

I really don't trust people with perfect teeth who smile too much.  They creep me out.  When I see such a person coming toward me, brimming with ersatz bonhomie and eager to get me to love their perfect selves, I really want to just paste them one in the kisser.

It is creepy, we have a society where perfect teeth seem to rise naturally to the top ranks.  Parents with access to the best care in orthodontia seem to raise the children fated for higher wage.

TV personalities seem to have more teeth than what nature endowed them at birth.  I think that there is an ugly black market somewhere where teeth are farmed in tofu-raised children for implant into aspiring anchorpersons.  It makes me slightly nauseous when I wander through the nurses lounge and I see the cast of "The View".  It looks as though a village in Central America has been looted for teeth.

What it really shows is the triumph of the image.  Where access to orthodontia and plastic surgery are a requirement for access to jobs with public sides.

Churchill need not apply

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