Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meet Your Masters

Read the above article at Planetsave.  Simply put, Duh.

The banks seem to think that they own us.  They have managed to generate a monopoly over some magnetic media in a computer somewhere.   They feel that they have the wealth and now, they are a class above us.

Don't let them have that power over you.  What they have is not true wealth, what they have is the dead vapors of wealth.  Real wealth is you, Dear Reader, getting up every morning and going to work and making something or doing something for someone.   Real wealth is your children growing up and improving themselves.

The ones and zeros that are the gravestone of the false wealth that the bankers own will be vanishing soon.  That is what happened back in 2008 at Lehman and in Iceland.  It is what is happening now in Athens and Lisbon.  False wealth is now being recognized and all the "Peaks" that we will be living through are starting up their run.

The folks over at Mish's and Zerohedge and the like are not onto this yet.  They want part of the dead wealth pie.  They argue over which bankrupt bond will provide them the most safety,  whether seventy-nine protons or forty-seven protons are preferred as a fiducial.   But really all they want is their share of the gravestone for the death of dreams

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