Saturday, October 8, 2011


 “We have this ability in Lake Wobegon to look reality right in the eye and deny it.” 
You know, I'm OK with the Occupy Wall Street thing.  Yeah, it has tinges of the hippy earth muffin thing going on, which doesn't suit my personal taste, but that is just a style thing.  I have friends who lean toward the hippy whom I treasure.

I think that I like them because they are the opposite side of disaffection from the Tea Baggers.

It would appear to me that the greater bulk of the population in this country is getting vigorously butt-fucked by the "bigs".  The money is being mined from the lower and middle classes as rapidly as possible.  There lies the problem.

The tea party seems to be formed around the concept that they should be allowed to participate as part of the "pitcher" status in this societal butt-fuck.

The occupy wall street crowd seems to be saying that the butt-fucking really shouldn't be happening anyway.

Guess who I am rooting for?

Off to Pioneer Square I go.

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Gather ye marbles said...

Cool. I'm down the street from the Occupy Wall Street crowd and will stop by the Zuccotti Park be-in after work today, to see what's up. I think Jon Stewart (in your previous post) has a pretty good angle on this. I see it as positive, mixed messages and all. You've got quite of crowd there in Portland, and your mayor is joining in! Hope you'll post a field report of your Pioneer Square visit.