Sunday, December 4, 2011

Being Careful

If you are reading this on an old beat up computer, running a decrepit operating system, you are probably OK by me.  Linux would be fine by me, even an older Mac running system 9 would make me pleased, and if, for some odd reason, you are running BeOS or BSD, I am truly honored.

What is starting to scare me is the Apple iTunes store and the knock-offs that are coming down the pipe.   I have around a grand spent over the tears on the Apple store buying music that I liked.  But with the advent of the iPhone and the new spiffy iPad there there is a disquieting trend.  The corporations that have been fighting for dominance have now all taken the path of the walled garden.

I would strongly recommend that you read this article over at the Harvard Law School.

Look, I gotta agree with the guy.  What we need is some angry nerds.  But nerds have always been such a small segment of the population that even if they got angry, I doubt that it would account for much.

What we need instead is a bit of fear.  Look folks, the big boys like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft and creating these walled gardens for the same reason that folks set up feed lots.  They aren't there for the benefit of the occupants.

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