Sunday, December 11, 2011


There is every reason right now to be paranoid.

Doesn't mean that one has to be stupid about it.  Stoneleigh and Illargi have made a concrete suggestion that may be useful.   I think that I will be taking some of this wisdom home.

The real problems is that the world is way out of our control (by our, I mean us unwashed masses).  It also appears that control is slipping from the fingers of those we elected/hired to mind the store while we ran our lives.  Limey-boy Cameron is having a sissy-boy-slap fest with the little loser from France.  Merkel is trying on her Ilsa Koch outfits, and the idea of democracy in Italy and Greece has been vetoed by their corporate masters.

Our democracy is kinda becoming a surreal joke.  Obama is trying to cast himself as Roosevelt the Elder, having been an abysmal failure as Roosevelt the Younger.  The Republicans front runner is Newt fucking Gingrich, and Ron Paul is still "unelectable" as he goes about telling the truth.

So right now, I am going to concern myself with things like coats for boys and presents for little kids.  I am going to be kinder to the folks with food stamps cards who can't add, and I am going to keep waking up every morning and going to work.

Time to get some popcorn and watch some football.  I'll finish reading last weeks news today.

Life goes on.

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