Friday, January 20, 2012

Senator Murray

Representatives of the people usually end up being no such thing.

Here is a case in point.  Back in the early 1990's my ex and I moved to a tiny little town in Eastern Washington (Republic)  to get away from the rat race and try again from a rural place.  She ran a clinic in the local hospital, I wound up being the city planner.

Now, don't kid yourself, this was not a big operation.  Tax revenues were miniscule, the City Council worked for free, the Mayor got paid $2,000 a year to help with gas and running around, and the highest paid worker on the city payroll (there were six of us) was around $30,000 (with overtime for snow removal being included in that total).

Now, as you can probably guess, a town of 1,000 in a county of 7,000 is one poor-ass town.  So when I got hired to write the comprehensive plan, the first thing that I did was go out and scour the woodwork for federal grants and other freebies to pay for my salary.  The State had thrown a little money to the City as part of the dumbass law that required a city of 1,000 to do a comprehensive plan, but if anything was going to get done, I had to go out and find the money to do it.

At that time, I tried to enlist the help of the folks who represented us in the Congress and the Senate.  Tom Foley was still speaker of the house (and if there was ever a more likable thief in America, I would have liked to meet him), Slade Gorton was the Chief Senator, and Patty Murray was a newbie Senator with nothing going.

Now, at this time, Tom Foley was Speaker of the House.  Big swinging dick in DC-Land, but he would go out of his way to do things for folks, even baby little pissant towns like Republic.  His office made calls, and helped us find the money to line a sewer pond to clean up a local stream, pave a road that folks used to get to the only grocery store in 75 or so miles,  managed to help us pay our two (2) cops, and gave us advice on how to keep the little industry we had (Couple of poorly producing gold mines).

Slade Gorton's office helped a bit, but they really couldn't be bothered.  He was worried about Seattle, Microsoft, and Boeing, in that order.  So no joy there.

Then there was Murray and her office.  Democratic party zealots with no tolerance with anyone who didn't fully support their agenda.  When I called and asked for help, the first thing their office did was look at how Republic voted (they went for the Republican by around around 55-45 if memory serves).  When they found this out, I was told in no uncertain terms that we would get no help from her office if we didn't vote for her.

During the next two years, her office made every attempt to short circuit anything we did.  When we tried to get an exemption for a 100 year old mine that was the reason for the town being there, her office tried to stop it.  They made life hell for us.   When we wrote letters supporting saving some of the remaining old-growth trees, her office sent copies of the letters to the local lumber mill (along with a request for donations).  When we tried to keep the mines open or log some scrub, she sent copies of letters to environmentalists (along with a request for donations).

So that is who Patty Murray is.  She has never had a real job.  Zero.  She stated out as a "citizen-lobbyist" and never looked back  She is intent on forcing her dreamworld views on others, and shows a nasty, vindictive streak whenever anyone opposes her.  She sucks for money with the best of Washington and uses her office to enforce her view rather than representing the people who elected here.

I have no use for her.


Craig Cavanaugh said...

Sounds like 99% of the politician scum...

Bustednuckles said...

I am sure what you say is absolutely true but I have one question and one statement.

Are you a Veteran? I already know the answer to that.
Have you seen what she has been doing for veterans especially here in Washington state?
I would ask you to look into that.
Otherwise, yeah, she is a politician.

Degringolade said...

Busted...I know she does good things for vets. But she still is an arrogant POS who demands fealty.

She still doesn't deserve the job as she doesn't represent those who disagree with her.

The populace of the country is more than a either veterans, or women or children or any taken alone.

If I were to say to myself "she takes care of me while screwing others" and used that to form my opinion, it would be as shallow and self-serving as her actions.

Bustednuckles said...

Take my word for it, I am not especially enamored of her but this is what we have and she does actually work for the benefit of vets and fights hard for things that benefit this state, like getting Boeing back and the sub bases up north, trying to get more mental health benefits for veterans.I do pay attention.
It could be a great deal worse, as I have seen recently in the likes of Rick Perry and the rest of the less than brilliant field of Republicans.

Newt Gingrich?

russell1200 said...

Jesse Helms in North Carolina was famous for helping people. It did not matter who they are.

The classic example was a classical music channel that did internet streaming to expand its reach. Congress was making noises to pass some sort of copyright payment laws that would have killed thme. He battled tooth and nail to stop the law, even though I doubt too many of their staff and much their target audience had ever voted for him. They in turn were gracious enough to thank him on air numerous times.

Fortunately both the Democrats and the Republicans have learned from his example.