Thursday, January 12, 2012


Just a minute this morning, I am running a bit behind.

SOPA is likely to pass, as the rich fucks think that it is in their best interests.

That being said, I think that us bloggers had better think about how we put together our posts.  I usually try to stick on a pretty picture on the top of each post that I find appealing and applicable.  I just troll the net and paste it up there.

Well, no more.  From here on in, it is just my own lame thoughts.  The SOPA is a pretty serious piece of work, it isn't there to stop online piracy, it is there to give the powers that be a convenient reason to shut down inconvenient people.

I think that links will be OK.  But be careful about the fluffy stuff on your blog.  It would be damn hard for them to shut you down for your thoughts.  It would be quite easy to shut you down for a vanity.

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