Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Price of Fame

Blogging is my own sad little vice.  I usually don't announce my less-than-pulitzer writings to my friends and I make no real effort to publicize the depths of my personal depavity.  I am always pleased and honored that people drop by to read, but I realize that there are folks out there who think deeper thoughts and write better thought than your humble correspondent.

So imagine my amusement when this popped up.   Now, the Huff post is an interesting little play.  Rich and connected, Ariana put together a media powerhouse by playing her connections against the pathetic need for attention of bloggers.  Bloggers who craved fame ate crap on a plate publicly hoping that someone with money would notice them and give them money.  They sat up late, beating on their laptops in an effort to get noticed.  Ariana never promised them anything but a platform to rage from. 

Now that she has made some serious coin putting together her connections and access to a server farm, they feel that they should get a part of the pie. 

Piss off.  She never promised you jack.  You wrote for her in hopes that someone else would start paying you.  When no one felt your screed was worthy of coin, you went after Ariana.  You are a bunch of dumbasses with limited understanding and aspirations well beyond your limited abilities.  You got everything that you deserved.

Hope you have fun with your lawyer bills


russell1200 said...

As you say, they likely felt that it would get their foot in the door somewhere: publishing contract, news reporter, etc.

Some people, who are already famours (Tony Blair) also use it as a way to keep their voice out in the public arena, or to get out their side of the story.

I vaguely recall, that the Huffington post page views is actually rather similar to the greater whole: a few famous people with lots of hits, and a lot with relatively few.

Bustednuckles said...

I never, ever started blogging with the hopes of making a dime.
As a matter of fact, I was extremely fortunate enough to have a few generous folks donate some serious money my way when I really needed it.

On the other hand, being a low rent ranter, I have also been linked to or published by some big time, world wide read blogs, including KOS, FireDogLake and a major US East Coast paper with the word "Journal" in the title.

Never got a dime from any of them and it never crossed my mind to expect one

Just glad to see the feedback.

Happy Easter.