Monday, August 13, 2012

Dog Days

Summer is getting hot, we are looking at 100+ this week up here in the PNW,  so now the basement gets cleared and the sleeping pads head downstairs.  We open up the house in the morning when it is cool and try to cool the place down as low an it can go and then button up tight to keep the cool in and the hot outside.

We sure as hell don't cook inside.  Today the beans are soaking and they will be cooked outside with a fifty year old Coleman white gas campstove.  Heat stays outside, we will assemble the burritos inside and microwave them at need.

I am just too damn cheap to run my heat pump unless it is roasting.  Plus the fact a little heat should just change how you hunker down, it isn't all that life threatening.  Folks have been dealing with heat for all of human history, there are some tried and true methods to do this kind of thing.

Cold water goes in the fridge and you drink a lot of it.  You move slow.  Shade is your friend.  Sleeping in the heat of the day is a great idea.

I won't insult you by telling you to stay cool, but I really think that you should learn to deal with it rather than just switching on the air conditioner.  Might be a skill set that comes in valuable in the not too distant future.

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