Friday, August 31, 2012

Feeling Uninspired

I have been writing last minute posts a lot lately.  I want to say that the problem is lack of inspiration is behind the problem, but the truth of the matter is that I want to present a decent set of proposals to go along with the problems that I outline.  It appears that the problems that I am seeing do not really lend themselves to a palatable solution.

So right now I am just writing a  way to take a break in place.  Sometimes a short bit of writing clears out the pipes.  Solutions can come out of framing the problem properly and then thinking about it for a while.  I think that if Marx would have done this and waited around to come up with a better solution set than his written plan, we might have had a better chance at coming up with a mature solution

The superlative framing of the problems proffered by capitalism is Marx and Engles brilliant contribution to human culture.  The precise and cogent description of capitalisms failings and end points are the long-lasting draw of this political philosophy.  It is just such a pity that their solutions are so damn lame.

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russell1200 said...

There really doesn't have to be a solution.

Most of what we claim as a a capitalist system is symply an ad hoc moment to moment reaction to current problems. That it could all drive itself off a cliff at some point, and there be no real (versus abstract) way to avoid the problem should be conceded as a posibility.

Look at species. Most of them are dead and gone. So clearly, even though most species at least have some mechanism to adapt to changing conditions, most of them eventually fail. The means do not have to be adiquate to the ends.