Monday, August 27, 2012

Now this is going to ruffle a few feathers

Hmmm   I can't really say what I think just yet.


NoHype said...

1. You knew it was coming. How could you not?

2. The achilles heel of all complex military technology is the advent of a new, simpler, cheap technology that nullifies the complexity carte blanche.

Think about #2 for a minute and put it in context. How useful are force multipliers going to be when you can simply arm each and every civilian household with the means to defend itself?

What would the Iraq occupation have looked like if Saddam Hussein had access to this technology in 1995? He had oil money. Plenty of it.

Are we going to ban or somehow control the international printing trade now?

Degringolade said...


It was always coming, it will just be amusing to see how folks try to keep a lid on this stuff.

You know that they are going to try

Craig Cavanaugh said...

I have the 3D CAD files for a 1911, an AR platform, and the AK. This has been around for a little while...