Saturday, August 11, 2012


I really am amazed by just how bad a candidate for public office Mitt Romney appears to be.  But then, looking at the Republican party, I guess that this was only to be expected.  He was the best of breed in that odd assortment.  Kinda like being winner of this years Humane Society dog show for the poochies in the pound.

Lord would you look at the chain of fools (yes I realize the video above does't exactly fit the bill), that display the Republican's transient infactuations during the last year or so and you will see that they run their party like a spoiled high school boy runs his love life.  A series of infatuations with the current cool/pretty girls and then "settles down" with the less than sexy girl who will be a good mother.

Now the spoiled high school kid who never really grew up is choosing as his sidekick the other spoiled high school kid who never grew up.  Ryan and Romney.  We are better than you.  Elect us.

We have problems inthis country.  Pretty damn big ones.  We aren't going to solve them by giving the reins to the rich and letting them loot the country.  Ryan's budget is a mess.  He realizes that we are spending too much, so he tries to solve the problem by making sure that none of his friends are hurt.  Romney is an elitist who feels that the only people who matter are the wealthy and the rest of us can go suck eggs.

Obama is a barely mediocre President.  He is in the pockets of Goldman Sachs and the financial community and he was raised on the mother's milk of Chicago Politics.  But he is just barely adequate.  Romney alone would be a lousy president.  Add the raw hatred of the poor and non-white that is Paul Ryan and you have a truly poisonous choice.

I will have to hold my nose this election.  The race is close enough that I might have to forego my usual third-party vote to vote for the current president, who gives Warren G. Harding a serious run at the title of "Bad".

I may turn to drink.


Oldfool said...

I've been holding my nose since it became apparent that the president is just another spineless democrat politician leading the rest of the spineless democrats. When the republicans started campaigning right after the shining hope from
Chicago was in office I held my nose 24/7. I'm thinking of having my nose cauterized.
I've already turned to drink. There is just nothing in this for me and mine.
I may not go to the polls at all.

russell1200 said...

Why are you picking on the the Republicans for picking bad candidates?

After all the best the Democrats could come up with against what should have been a relatively weak W. Bush for a second term was John Kerry.

Degringolade said...


Because the past three elections have been the absolute worst I have ever seen. Sure, Historically, the Demo's have put up some fantasically rotten candidates (Dukakis, Kerry) but the Republicans have been putting up absolute shit the past couple of tries.

I would have voted for any number of republicans of Obama. But McCain and Palin...Give me a break.

The Demos are putting up much smaller piles of shit than the Republicans