Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Common Clay

So, I'm driving home yesterday at rush hour on I-5 out of Portland.  We have a vanpool, five of us pitch in and rent a subsidized van from the local bus company so that we can save some coin and get to work (The VAspa in Portland is notorious for it's parking problems).  There is no bus available as all of us have to get to work before 05:30

On the way home, stuck in a slowdown by the I-5 bridge, a singleton SUV (one of the huge Fords from the mid-90's) pulled up next to us and gave us an earful about the tax dollars we were wasting and how parasites like us were the problem with the country.  Guy was probably fatter than I was, the bumper of his SUV was covered with bumper stickers excoriating liberal causes.

Sometimes I just wonder.

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