Monday, October 8, 2012


I am too much a history buff to believe for a moment that the United States will last forever.  It will fragment.  There will be a political entity named the United States which does not include the current, continent-wide empire that is the current political entity, but will instead be much smaller and will have neighbors who are quite adamant about their independence.

I have been keeping an eye out of late for the secessionist movements here in the US.   Overall, a pretty weak showing.  Some folks down in Texas, some folks up in Vermont, and a baby movement here in the Northwest.  The Native American tribes are getting a little restive.  Nothing of real note yet.

But I do find the noises coming out of Europe of interest.   Venice is trying for a comeback as a separate country.  Catalonia is looking pretty solid for independence.  The Basques are always trying, so me putting them in here is just padding.

Europe is in worse shape than we are.  That is why these kind of things are coming out the woodwork.  The European Union was always kind of iffy.  Now we are seeing the cracks in a pretty serious way.  I don't think that the project will survive.

We here in the US have a very defined history of dealing with secessionist movements.  We killed off 4% of the men in the country to make sure that such a thing would not happen.  I really can't see that happening again.  As the state progressively weakens over the next years, we will see if we still have the level of resolve that President Lincoln et al. displayed.

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