Friday, December 14, 2012

Here Again

Students dig up cobblestones to throw at police [Photo by Serge Hambourg/via NPR]
Been out for a while. Might leave again soon...who knows.

I haven't been reading that much on-line lately.  The main dystopian thread is centered around the financial world, and to be honest, I am sick of rich white folk bitching about how they are going to become poor white folk.  I have been saying for years that there will be a reckoning, with the short-term thinking of the last thirty years giving way to a more constrained set of long term goals.

What is happening now is the rich are trying to break the poor to their place.  The laws being placed into play are being placed by the wealthy to conserve that wealth.  From the point of view of the wealthy, this is a very good investment.  Politicians have a marvelous return on investment, but so do all cheap whores.  The laws dumping the losses on the rich onto the taxpayers will continue until there is pushback.  We aren't ready for that yet.  The laws giving the rich privileges will continue until there is pushback.  Again, not ready.

The wealthy are constructing their redoubts in plain sight.  The subordination of the military and security apparatus is nearly complete.  The levers of wealth are in secure control.  The legislative and Executive branches of government are in their hip pocket.

The draining of the bourgeois and the middle class have quite a while to run.  They are starting to feel the pinch, but they aren't ready to join the poor for the run at removing the "master class" currently riding us.

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russell1200 said...

There is more than one group within the "wealthy" catagory, and I wouldn't say that they everything in hand at all.

It is not an accident that the Obama Admin. is continuing the empowerment of Homeland Spying (started by W. Bush).