Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tourist/Racist Charity

Putin has gone and done it.  Told folks here in the US that they won't be able to adopt the Russian children.

Now, there are scads of children here in the US needing to be adopted.  But they are usually the wrong color for the folks wishing to adopt.  So heading over to nominally white Russia allows folks the color option they so desire.

I agree with Vlad on this.  Russia is fully capable of taking care of its own children.  It is us here in the US who need to look at our mirror.  I would agree that, if there were no children available for adoption in the US, going to another country and adopting is a fine gesture, but if there are children here in the US who need adoption, it is absurd to let folks get away with looking around for different models.

I can here the screaming now.  Mostly from the lawyers and caseworkers here in the US who make their living charging absurd sums for the paperwork and bureaucracy-management needed for this venture.  The sums are staggering to most folks.

Naw, I am good with this.  Keep it up Vlad.  I think that it is more important to fix our problems than try to go off and save the rest of the world.

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NoHype said...

Further proof of our self-referential and self-centered culture. Russian children need to be "saved" from ... Russia? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

American children need to be saved -- in huge numbers -- from their selfish parents, mostly due to drug abuse. But since they're in foster care now and, as such, "damaged goods", well why would be bother lifting a finger to help them?

Because they won't love us unconditionally. That's why. They've learned early on what the world of humans is really all about and thus they demand that you prove your loyalty to them first. The gall!

No, what most American parents want is a baby young enough to be molded and indoctrinated into the fantasy world they've convinced themselves is the American Dream.