Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Watch The Red Tops

Found this in the wood pile that is the drafts of Blogger's interface.

OK...this is a petty bitch.

The eldest son brought home some tomato plants last May.  Grew them himself with his horticulture class and they did fantastic.  I am actually sick of fresh tomatoes at this point.

Which brings me to my "looking a gift horse in the mouth kind" of bitch.  I really need to remember next year to plant a mix of determinate and non-determinate strains.  What I have is four non-determinate bushes, merrily flowering and growing tomatoes on a continual basis.  I get tomatoes by the grundles, but they are all spaced out so that I never get a whole bunch at once to do the canning/preserving thing.

But I will be trying a trick that a friend just told me that I haven't thought of;  Just pull off the little green thingy, dip the tomato in boiling water, then stick the whole tomato in a gallon baggie and pull the frozens out for sauce.

Nope, next year I will make sure to plant some determinant strains.

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