Monday, January 28, 2013

Axes to Grind

Lately I have been noting a certain amount of angst in the doomer blogosphere.  I have regular reads, but as a group they are starting to pall.  It is one thing to sit down and write about how fucked we are as a people/culture/economy, it is another thing altogether to begin sniping at the world for not having come around to your point of view yet.

CKM, Dave Cohen, Mish Shedlock, the menagerie over at Zerohedge, and any number of of the "world is falling down folks" have been getting downright snotty about the state of the human race in regards to the way that it does not meet up with their white-middle class sensibilities.

One of the uncomfortable things about hanging out in the same arena as doomie-types is their anger when Armageddon doesn't show up in a timely manner.  They also have a moralistic streak a mile wide, usually deeply rooted in their middle American upbringing (the culture which is the most responsible for the problems we are facing).

Dave inveighs against the internet and is nasty just about everything.  Good luck to anyone who leaves a comment on that blog.  CKM has been getting all snippety lately and pissy about social security and how the everything is a plot to keep old folks from taking out more than they put in and not being thanked for their efforts.  Zerohedge is becoming a loony bin for every commie-plot-exposing brownshirt out there.  Mish is just a fucker who can't understand why the little people won't work for $5.00/hr.

What all these guys seem to channel is the angst of failed, aging white folk.  The world that they thought was their oyster is being exposed as the world it has always been:  Semi-Hobbesian and uncaring about one's perceived perquisites.

The world is a great place, it just doesn't see any need to follow the social media requirements of doofuses.

Obviously I am redoing my blogroll.

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