Friday, January 25, 2013

Good Music

I do enjoy other folks sharing music that they have found.  Some folks have even gone so far as to make the action a routine part of their blogging habit.  I am not at all sure about the practice, I find that the more that a person tries to be a doomer,right-wing, semi-survivalist, the bansksters are evil, the world is going to shit Jeremiah, the less that music appear to be one's forte.

That being said, and with the caveat that I have tried to perform this very act in the past, here I go with my music recommendations.  I am not trying to set down a decent soundtrack for Der Untergang des Abendlandes.  That is not a task that many are up to.

Instead, I am trying to only use this somewhat-less-than-bully pulpit to let you know about new stuff that I like on the rare occasions that occurs.

Try this guy, his name is Samuel Yirga,  it is definitely worth listening.

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