Friday, January 4, 2013

Just so you guys know, I still haven't completely worked out my schedule for writing.  I need to sit down in the afternoon more and in the morning, less.

Right now I am working on a bit about robotics and automation.  But it is coming out slower than I anticipated.  As soon as it is ready I will trot it out.

I am wondering just how the games in Washington DC will conclude.  Currently it is the usual twaddle about "my friend on the other side of the aisle", and declarations about what the American People want (usually in parallel with the most recent large donation to their campaign fund.

The debt ceiling "crisis" is getting lubed up for use.  Timmy and Barry are out sacking the FedGuv Retirement plan for spare nickels.  It is amazing how people seem to forget that this is money (and I use that term in the loosest possible sense) that is going for bills that we have already run up.  So really we are talking about not paying the bills that we have already occurred (you know, like Illinois).

So, it is back to business as usual.  The folks in the front of the bus are trying like hell to prevent the power and perquisites that they hold from slipping away.  But they, like King Canute, cannot prevent the world from doing what it will.  The sand that is beneath their feet is being washed away by the tide.

Let's see how many more proclamations they can issue before the sand washes away from under thir feet.

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