Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Opening Windows

Getting close to winter here.  Been cold the past couple of days so the house gets closed up and the furnace goes on.  I am a true cheapskate, with the thermostat at 60 and sweaters on all the time.  Blankets stay in the living room and baking is done to prepare food and to heat the house.

Whenever I get the chance though, the windows go open and the stink of an old man and two teenage boys is flushed out.  Since it is sunny and around 37, the clear air outside is being exchanged for the aforementioned stink.

I am trying to start out the year writing and hope to continue throughout the year.  It does mellow me out and allows me to work through the issues and questions going through my brain.  I even notice a certain improvement in my disposition and better clarity in my thoughts when I write them down.  For some odd reason, writing what I am thinking down allows me to be less a reactionary dumbass and offers increased validity to my arguments.

Now that doesn't mean that what I post here is all that great, it just means that it is better than my thoughts and arguments without having it here.

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