Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just Checking in

Sorry about not checking in more often, but there is really nothing to say.   Sequestration has occurred and the world is still spinning.  A comedian has done remarkably well in Italy and this is a new thing (someone should inform Senator Franken). The environment still continues to degrade.  

I guess that I am trying to figure out something new to say.  I sometimes consider writing about my work and the vicissitude of working at the FedGuv ranch, but that seems a little close to crapping in my own nest, so that isn't flying.  I sometimes consider writing about the teen aged angst and antics of the progeny, but that is a drum that is pretty well beaten and there is nothing novel there.

Nope, what is left is taking of my feelings (look, I am shuddering!!!), or speak of the adult version of the same teen aged antics that populates stage reserved for world leaders.

If I come up with something worth writing, I will write it, but right now, the whole mess is so silly I think that I will ignore it.

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John D. Wheeler said...

The situation in Italy reminds me of a Wizard of Id cartoon:

Sir Rodney: The peasants are revolting!
King of Id: You can say that again!