Sunday, July 28, 2013

Familiarity, the first myth of reality: What you know the best, you observe the least.
Devotion, the second myth of reality: The faithful are most hurt by the objects of their faith.
Conviction, the third myth of reality: Only those who seek the truth can be deceived.
Fellowship, the fourth myth of reality: As the tides of war shift, so do loyalties.
Trust, the fifth myth of reality: Every truth holds the seed of betrayal.
             -Magic, The Gathering

Good bye.

I'll be somewhere else.  This one has served it's purpose.  It has been an honor to have you as my guests.

If it intrigues you, send me a comment with your e-mail and I'll tell you where I am (if it so suits me and you haven't been a dick in the past).  I'll be closing down the comments and mothballing this experiment later this month.  I'll kill the comment section at the end of August.


Bustednuckles said...

Let me know when ya land somewhere.
I do believe you have my contact info, if not it's pretty easy to find.

I finally pulled the plug on my WP Ornery Bastard site.
I still have the original though.

I am looking forward to what you have up your sleeve.

russell1200 said...

My email is my handle (not my blog's name) at gmail dot com.

I got all tied up with Magic the Gathering when it came out (had a full set of alphas) and am still burned out on it.