Sunday, December 8, 2013

Operating System Snobs


I have a tendency toward this little bit of bad taste.

Part of it is part and parcel of my paranoia and generalized distrust of the human condition and its followers.

I am getting over it though.

The vehicle for my recovery is an odd one.  The NSA and Windows 8.

Now, I am absolutely certain that the NSA can, should they wish, extract everything from my writings and even go into my “private files” to discover what the hell it s about the aging, fat, and cynical being that writes as “Degringolade”.  Well, they will find out that I have a libertarian bent, don’t think that the American empire will stand, and have an unhealthy obsession with big boobs.

So what?

The Windows 8 system probably has backdoors written all over the place so that the NSA can peek.  Hell, my guess is that the NSA can figure out a way to get into an air-gapped computer should they choose. The recent revelations about the possibility of a low level jump into a air gapped computer using microphones and speakers makes me certain of this.

So, what is an operating system?

A convenient service is all.  The operating system should be judged on its convenience and the way you relate to it.  If you like Mac’s splurge and make yourself happy. If you are a control freak, download Linux and go to town.  If you are lazy, fire up Windows and go for it.  Now, these aren’t the only reasons to use these systems.  Artists seem to flow better with Macs.  Windows is business.  Nerd-dom loves its Linux.

But truth be told, they all work just dandy.  If you claim otherwise, you are as silly as the “Buick Men” of the ‘50s and the morons with stupid sayings, disparaging other makes of trucks, plastered across the back of their pickup.

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russell1200 said...

Windows 8 took some getting used to though.

Our largest protection is the ineptitude of our would be protectors.

But as the communist engineered collapses of the twentieth century would indicate, we do need to be concerned with well intentioned people with to much unchecked power.