Saturday, April 19, 2014


I spent the morning trying to gaze into the future.  Spent the morning trying to find someone who had some well thought out plans for

Not one damn bit of luck.

All that came up were paeans to a great future or well-reasoned thoughts of impending doom. Not a damn thing that someone could lay their hands on and come up with a working plan for the next 10-15 years.

No one knows how the last years of this aging Boomer's life will play out.  All the certainties that I grew up believing in seem to be melting in front of my eyes, sort of like ice on a cool spring morning.

I think that I can get through this last little bit if I tighten my belt and be smart, but I have a couple of pretty damn good kids who will be entering the fire and I would like to help them get through.  Since I can't leave them the means to survive in the current system of have and have-nots, my only help will be in the form of not-too-incorrect advice and regular meals.

So what advice do I give them.  College seems to be becoming a means of entering into a debt-bond that cannot be dismissed.  Trades are good, but most of them are feeding into a system that is changing faster than they can keep up.  Plumbers and Electricians are dependent on the vagaries of an overbuilt and bubblicious housing market.

There are always morons who parrot out the "be an entrepreneur" and will gladly invite you to pay for a motivational speech about how, through a combination of a good line of bullshit and free access to venture capital, you too can be part of the upper-crust.  But I know full well just how often that doesn't play out.

I'm going to keep looking.

Maybe I'll come up with something.

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