Monday, May 26, 2014

Again Proving that I am an Anachronism

So, over at Jesse's Cafe Americain (which, by the way, I read every day religiously, Jesse is one of the "Good Guys" in my book).

I do appreciate his news sidebar.  His stories are well selected and thoughtful.  I have no doubt that Mr. Cutten and I would probably have disagreements, but he is one of the people out there that would make me go home afterwards and stay up all night wondering if I were in the wrong.  His inclusion of reading material in his sidebar probably offers a well-rounded view of his personal beliefs.

Anyway one of the stories made me giggle and roll my eyes.  The piece in question is a little piece of histrionics from the Independent, a British Newspaper in the grand tradition of British newpapers. It is well written, intellectually biased, thoroughly British and much more enjoyable than the predigested pablum offered up by the "Press" here in the good old USA.

UK under fire for recruiting an 'army of children'.  Well then.  Reading the article let me know that a sixteen year old boy is a child.

Well, here is the source of the problem.  Our societies, (England and Rome, USA as Byzantium, same society odd incestuous relationship), are of the aging and worrying variety, heavily populated by geezers such as your humble correspondent.  This aging population, not wanting to relinquish its death-grip on the levers of power, wealth, and privilege and especially, is attempting to move forward the age of what constitutes an "Adult.

Sixteen is a fine age for a young man to go into an organized military organization.  The military of the first world (Which I believe the US anf the UK are a part of)  is a trade, nothing more, nothing less.  By calling these young men children and comparing their inclusion in an honorable trade to the workings of North Korea and Iran (Darn that axis of evil anyway) is nonsense.

Whether the old women (of both sexes) like it or not.  Sixteen year old humans are Men and Women.  Not boys and girls.  Trying to demean them for selecting a career that is not to your liking belittles both them and especially you, clinging to an offspring when it is time for them to go is the one sure sign of your own fear of age.  

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