Sunday, May 18, 2014

Just a quick thought

Here in the US, we tend to think of ourselves as the New Rome.

Hmm...I would go partway there.

Up until the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, when Constantine XI Palaiologos was killed defending the City from Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, the people inside that city considered themselves Romans and the heirs of the Empire of Augustus.

They didn't see themselves as Byzantines.

I am beginning to think that Washington has the same relationship with London.  The two cities seem to be following the same trajectory, with London looking at the fate of Rome with a new eye.

Washington seems to be going the Byzantine route.

Just sayin'.

Doesn't mean I like it

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Anonymous said...

The Neo-Hittites appear to also have considered themselves Hittites long after the collapse of the portion of the kingdom that was their original homeland. And thus they are described in the bible.