Sunday, May 11, 2014

Over at the Burning Platform

Spent some time this morning in the comments section of "The Burning Platform".

Wrote this:

Over all, can’t fault you a moment for your logic.

But more and more, I am torn between two realities.

The point of view you champion is valid and has meaning. But when spend time with the greater bulk of people, your begin to realize that they are not at all equipped to “contribute” to society or to create something of value.

But they are still people. They have all the dreams and desires as the folks who are equipped to provide those things. Some of them are pretty decent folk.

So where do you go? How do you provide the structure for a society that is, by definition, populated with 50% of the inhabitants having a IQ 100 and a healthy dose of ambition.

The folks that write the drivel that so offended you and caused this written blast are from you are apologists for a system which benefits them. One should never forget that for a moment.

But the question remains.

What does one do with people who do not have, and probably will not be able to obtain, the tools and skills to contribute to a complex and technological society?

In the current cultural mindsets, the liberals trot out a failed educational system and posit that maybe, if we just throw more money at the problem, we can equip the Capite Censi with the tools neccesary to allow them to rise from their squalor and together we can create the City on the Hill.

Well, in the words of Robert Heinlein

“Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”

It appears that the Conservative mindset is more nuanced. It appears to involve going to church every week, praise Jesus at every turn, and the Holy Ghost will fill you and you will only then be allowed to create and contribute.

Seeing as Jesus had some rather unkind words to say about the rich and the accumulation of wealth, I have a feeling this won’t work either.

I don’t have the answer. But there are some folks out there who, while being worthless from an economic viewpoint, are some damn nice people.

What do we do with them?

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