Sunday, May 25, 2014

Reading the whole thing

I was quite amused when the US Government took time away from the pursuit of running the country to indict five Chinese programmers, working for the Chinese military for trying (and sometime succeeding) to break into military and commercial computer systems here in the good of God-fearing USA.

Sometimes you realize that we live in irony-rich times.

So, I am over at the Testosterone Pit, reading about the woes of the world and I stumble across this little gem.  My oh my.  So I dig down deeper. I head over the the article at Die Zeit and dig down even more, curiouser and curiouser.

So I am thinking that there is a reason that Bill Gates thinks Eddie Snowden is a little shit.  Because Microsoft is most likely the NSA's bitch when it gets down to it.  Bill Gates is as certified a member of the establishment as one can find.  The US government runs on Windows and Microsoft.  Billy-Boy will use what he needs to keep his power and prestige, and that only comes with a US government stamp of approval.  The NSA probably has the road map for every backdoor that Microsoft left in Windows and another map of things that the programmers at Microsoft haven't even realized was there.

Me typing this screed out on a Win8 computer is no big deal.  Who gives one-rats-ass what a fat old man thinks.  But if I were in change of any government that wasn't in the US Government's hip pocket (Yeah England, I'm talking to you), I would damn well start rolling out Linux as fast as I could pull it off.

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Phil said...

I'm thinking that .GOV hands ol' Billy Boy a list of wants and then he pays his programmers to come up with code to build around it to make it appear like it's some neat thing ya gotta have.

Notice how badly Windows 8 bombed yet they really haven't gone out of their way to fix what everyone hates about it.

You and I both know Billy gave .GOV a road map of everything in it before it hit the shelves.