Thursday, June 5, 2014

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

So, following all the hubbub over Piketty's book, I thought that I would spend the time to read it instead of listening to people who haven't read it argue about it.

Well, I am not through yet, but it appears pretty certain that this work will piss of the Randities, NeoCons, the efficient market economists and other such priestly types.  It would appear that (Gasp...Heresy) Professor Piketty has the odd notion that the "economy" should serve the whole of the human populace, instead of the other way around.

Now, I may be wrong in this little dab of defamation, maybe later in the book,  Professor Piketty will raise the beam from my eye and show the proper worship for the economy.

Mr Piketty seems to have forgotten that the economy is our true God here in the USA.  The being that spoke with Abraham and Moses is a convenient cover story for the rubes, but the real God here in the USA is the Economy.

I will continue reading.  I hope that Professor Piketty will realize, in the course of this work, what is important in this Country

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