Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Strangeness at the VAspa

So, it would appear that all are shitting their collective breeches here at the VAspa.

The Muckety-Mucks are sending out frequent e-mails making sure we know we are loved and we that we aren't of the "bad people" crowd that causes all the ruckus.

The new acting director wants to hustle getting vets into the warm embrace of the public health system because, as all know, the "market" cures all ills.

But what are we going to pay for the services?  My guess that it will be a compensation roughly equivalent to Medicare.  Sure isn't going to be the asking rate.  So the welcoming arms of these private practices sure as hell won't be beckoning the broke-down old war-horses that are our stock in trade.

I really don't think that the guys will like it either.  Right now they are treated with a lot of respect and, for the most part, treated pretty damn well.  The guys sure ain't going to want to opt for some doc-in-box somewhere.

Move along here.

Nothing to see but politics.

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