Saturday, December 27, 2014

High School Dayze

Sometimes I get tired of trying to figure out just what is happening in the world. But I am beginning to think that my experience in High School may be the best source for models and explanations of the way that the world works.

Can't seem to get past my lack of trust for the mainstream media. The cheerleaders there are so full of shit that it is extraordinarily difficult to get past their sneering, self-satisfied visages to try and parse what they are trying to communicate. When I do make the effort, what I usually hear is an attempt to present the bad data in a light that keeps the charade going. I suppose that I should be offended, but then I take a stroll down memory lane and remember that cheerleaders cheer even when the team is losing. It is just what they do.

The jocks have turned into the corporate types out there. They have engineered the system so that all attention is on them and they have turned the economy and political arena into their playing field. The cheerleaders come to all the games and cheer.

The environmentalist are the stoners.

Parking lot types are still there.

Band types are middle management.

Now, I will grant you that the parallels are not absolute.  But the correlation  is high enough that it is still an effective means of understanding the society around you.

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