Sunday, December 7, 2014

You have to be shitting me

This is an actual quote from a blog that holds some respect in Doomerland.

Like the economy, ecosystems are complex systems.  That means that they owe their complexity and order to energy flows and, most importantly, they are inherently unpredictable.  How they will respond to the change by a thousand rapid insults is unknown and literally unknowable. 

OK asshole.  To say that ecosystems are like economies is stupid beyond belief.  Economies are man made constructs.  They do not support life, they are a simple system of generating symbols to be used in the catagorization of social status among a group.

It is dumb-fucks like you that keep the problem going.  To view the economy as a natural thing, subject to immutable natural laws is the mark of an idiot.  The natural environment is many many orders of magnitude more complex than a system for simpletons to dick-match in

Then to sit down and try to tell your fellow profit-by-doom followers how to make money off this is the mark of a true asshole.

Fuck you

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