Saturday, June 4, 2016

Just Wondering

So, consider these:
  1. Resources are depleting whether we have used up half the oil of almost half the oil is the raging question.  I think that we are over the 50% mark and the next 50% are going to be a lot harder to get at and will be a lot less useful due to the loss of efficiency (Lower EROEI).
  2. A huge chunk of the citizen population here in the good old USA is being made redundant by means of Automation, offshoring, and illegal immigration.  I do like the term "Unnecessariat" is especially descriptive.
  3. The environment is beginning its decline, global warming is happening, regardless of what you think is the cause.  The oceans are souring, hell a third of Australia's reefs are dead.  Pollution exists in spades, if you doubt that for a moment, just take a gander at the skies of Beijing or the state of the containment of Fukishima Dai Ichi. 
  4. The upper crust of the society is funneling a greater percentage of the countries wealth into their pockets at the expense of everyone else.  The poor are getting poorer and deeper in debt.  The ranks of the poor are swelling and the professional class is running scared.
  5. The aging of the Boomers has created a huge bubble of senior citizens that will become increasingly more demanding as they become unable to work due to age.  
  6. The population of workers supporting this whole structure is becoming a smaller and smaller percentage of the general population.
  7. The political infrastructure that controls and governs has become corrupt and unstable.  If your doubt this, go re-examine the current Presidential campaign and get back to me.
  8. The Military-Industrial complex seems dead set on confronting the two other major militaries of the world (China and Russia).  They don't seem to be backing down.
I know that this is a full-blown rhetorical question, but here goes anyway.

Do you really think that your life will be the same in five years?

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russell1200 said...

I don't know if my life has ever been the same in any 5 year period. Part of that is being a bit restless, but a lot of it has been to economic turbulence as well. When you factor in aging issues (Some good, some bad) the change has been an issue of extent versus presence.