Monday, June 13, 2016

Plan of Action

The Best that Google Can Do
It would appear that I have been enjoying writing this little affectation lately.    The damn thing has been in existence since May of 2005.  Pageviews are at 113,486.  It would appear that my best month was back in June 2013 where I garnered >6,300 pageviews in a month.  The best post was "Aisles" with >3,600 page views.

But I have to figure out how best to keep doing this for the next long while.  I have 1,269 posts in here.  I figure that around 100 of them are keepers.  The rest is fill, done to keep my mental constipation at bay.

So here is what I figure.  No more weekend posts, I will use the early time on Saturday and Sunday to lay down foundations and ideas.  And get them roughed out.  Then during the week as I write in the morning, I will flesh out the piece and publish.

That is my plan.  See you in the funny papers.

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