Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sign of the Times

“The old is dying and the new is struggling to be born; in the interim a great variety of morbid symptoms occur.”
                                     –Antonio Gramsci.

So:  First thing.  Take a look at this:

So, now the European Central bank is so consumed by maintaining the status quo of theives and liars that they are now willing to buy junk bonds to support the market and the zombie companies.  And the rest of us are to believe that things are going along well.

This is more and more feeling like 2007.  The big money is making certain that governments and the taxpayer are on the hook for the excesses of the greedy.  Goldman-Sachs alumni still do everything necessary to ensure that their ancestral breeding ground is defended.

Nothing has been done to address the issues that collapsed the economy last time.  Truth be told, I am not certain that, even if sensible and honest policies are enacted, the economy will not tank anyway. The rot is deep.

I don't approve of or advocate the proposed solutions to this age old problem that is espoused by the Marxists, but boy-o-boy do the Marxists have an excellent description of the problem.

Capital is doing it's level best to monopolize the means of production.  Automation, offshoring, and immigration grease the skids for this power grab.

The Bourgeoisie is acting as it has always acted.  Sneering quislings who feel that their privilege and their station allow them access to treats that define their superiority.

The Proletariat is getting screwed, getting marginalized, and getting angry.

This game has played out before.  The genius of FDR is that he managed to deflect the storm.

I can't imagine anyone in the current political having the guts to do what is needed.

The best hope that we have is Donald Trump (remember, FDR was a rich fucker just like Donald)

And that my friends, is one itsy-bitsy tiny ray of hope.

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