Friday, June 24, 2016

The Worship of the Child

This one is an odd one.

A thought came to me during last night's "old man run" to the bathroom.  It is 02:00 and quiet and the world just doesn't look all that bad.

Let's consider the abhorrence of abortion in any way shape or form.

I really think that our society's real faith is best exemplified by the abortion argument (let's not grace it with the word "debate") because at base, it reflects our self-worship at a fundamental level. 

The "abortionists" find no ethical challenge in taking a human life to make another human life better.  Theirs is the religion of Moloch, where sacrifice of the innocent is used to provide for the living.

The "baby worshippers" have some strange idea that every human embryo gestating in this country is sacred.

Both side pursue their goals with their version of sacred scripture.

But the idea of both is that the human is the be-all and end-all of existence.  That one of the three lives involved is infinitely more important than the other.  

Simply put, it is a crisis where there is no morality which can support the validity of either side of the abortion argument. Abortion is just another means of death.  All of us will pass through that gate.  

It is my feeling that fate does exist.  You can rage against the means, but the Norns don't look up from their weaving. 

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