Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Now lets talk about the economy and it's effect on the political stage and vice-versa.

The votes are in, and it would appear that the "people" have chosen the path continuing the current trajectory.  Trump is a dissident oligarch, Clinton is a bought and paid for henchman of the oligarchs.

So we will continue down the path we are treading.

Now, what should we expect next?  I have a nasty suspicion that, considering the provenance of the two candidates, we will continue to feed the 1% at the expense of the rest of the country.

I would posit that we will begin seeing laws encouraging money coming into the US and complimentary laws discouraging the exit of the same.  I will venture a guess that the rich folks will have to repatriate their offshore money and pay some taxes, but the legislation that requires the money to come back on shore will be watered down to allow a lower overall tax rate for the "richers".

The welfare folks will be whipped, because there is nothing more enjoyable for this country's top 80% than to spit on and sneer at the bottom 20%.  But I think that the bottom 20% will be expanded to the bottom 30%.

The working class is going to take it in the shorts regardless.  The "computer productivity", offshoring, automation, and illegal aliens will continue to erode the working class, the bottom edge of the working class will become the top edge of the welfare class.

The professionals will begin to feel the bite too.  This class will drop from it's 20% to 15% and become even more of a hereditary system.  The education required for this class will become increasingly throttled and reserved for the scions of this order.

The rich will get richer.

That will be the outcome of the coming election.  The mechanism is being wound tighter.  Now we will see how long before it breaks.  Things won't happen quickly, we got some years yet, but it doesn't appear that anything will arrest the trajectory of things to come.

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