Thursday, June 2, 2016

You know,most of us old grunts just don't have a problem with that.

The source material for this little bit of screed comes from here.


Now, truth be told, I ever so slightly more impressed with Donald Trump than I am impressed by the Hillary, which is to say not at all.  If these two yahoos are the best that the country can come up with, then maybe we are in a terminal decline.

So this is not a defense of either candidate's draft status (Remember that Billy boy was a draft dodger with the best of them), but rather a commentary on the way that the bulk of Americans thought about the draft in the late 60's and early 70's.

In a nutshell, there weren't that many of us out there in the real world who wanted to get drafted.  All of us thought about it, nearly any of us would have jumped on a deferment with both feet.  We all knew in our soul of souls that it was a stupid war.

My draft lottery number was 250.  I was good to go, went to college on a football scholarship, only joined up when I ran out of other ways to avoid it (going in as a SP4 helped).  Other folks went on their Mormon mission,  4-F and asthma was a gold mine, hell, the biggest drunk in the class went to divinity school and it took...he is still preaching.

But the bulk of the folks who got drafted just couldn't figure a way out of it.  The rest of us got them drunk at their going-away kegger and worried about them for a bit (ironically, we usually forgot about them by the time they finished AIT, which is when we really should have started worrying about them).

The upshot of all this is that no one outside of the serving officer corps, WWI, WWII, and Korea vets had any real issues with draft dodgers.  Hell, I remember going over to the Elks Club and the Legion with my dad and listening to the old timers, they weren't that impressed with the war either.  Sure, you had a bunch of the "My Country Right or Wrong" folks out, but they didn't dominate, they bitched and bought drinks and told you their point of view.

So, when folks like this smiling 30-something reporter, with perfect teeth and an axe to grind bring out the "Draft Dodger" gambit, it is nothing but hypocrisy and a political knifing.

The times have changed a lot, but political hacks haven't

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