Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Casus Belli

For the last six months of my less-than-illustrious military career, I spent time in a leg unit in the good old FRG. The BC couldn't quite get a handle on what to do with the likes of me....way overqualified E-4 with a Bachelors, a GT score of 160, and a crypto clearance. I was very much an odd duck.
Anyhoo....When they found out that I could both type and could nest recursive clauses, I spent a shitload of time editing and rewriting op-plans (infantry officers have a uniquely poor grasp of the English language).
Reforger, NATO dep, etc, etc. I went through them and edited the shit out of them.
One thing that I distinctively remember is the "Denial Operations" aspect of these pieces of screed.
I would posit, that if push came to shove, and Erdo got too frisky, that the 40-80 dial-a-nukes at Incirlik can be rendered moot in a single strike. They won't do much good if where they used to be is at the bottom of a radioactive crater.
I would also posit that even Erdo knows this. What he is trying to discover is: Do anyone have a pair in Washington?
Maybe BHO doesn't, but I would also posit that there are a bunch of AF O-8 through O-10 who damn sure won't let Erdo have their toys.
For that matter, if it comes to that, Vlad P would probably look the other way.

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