Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Culture of the Perfect

Frankie hit another home run last Sunday.

I just completed a piece on Yoga Capitalists, so the timing was impeccable.  And be aware that I am going to use less than politically correct words to describe people here.

But in truth, the rot goes a lot deeper than that.  The Culture of the Perfect pervades nearly every part of our culture.  The forced cuteness and drugging of masses of children to make them be attentive zombies in an increasingly dysfunctional educational system.  Then you move onto the the fashion show and soft-porn world of dating and status in the high school/university years.

Even more telling in the university years is the latest fashion of safe zones, trigger words, and suppression of free speech that passes for an educational environment.  What is this other than the creation of an arena where no deviation from a perceived perfect world is created and no one and no thought is allowed that is less than "perfect".

Then one grows up.  You listen to the dueling media and you create a worldview of politics where you create in your mind a platonic ideal of one sort or another.  Then you pursue any deviation from that imagined perfection with a missionary zeal and deal with any opposing with the anger and contempt that any deviation from that ideal so richly deserves.  Thus grows the current cult of the perfect, as so aptly described elsewhere, a generation of swine.

But the world isn't what you think it should be, there are crippled people and frankly, there are quite a number of stupid people,  So you create a system where their imperfection and their stupidity are constrained, placed into easy to understand memes and where they can be protected from the world around them.  Some applaud this, but the truth of the matter this isn't done to protect the weak, it seems that it is done to allow those seeking perfection to ignore the fact that the world and other people don't conform to their standards.

Efforts are made to structure the world so that folks won't have to see the pain and suffering of the handicapped.  The world is wrapped with cushions and round edges so that the unfortunate won't be hurt and the stupid can't harm themselves and other.  If the less fortunate are hidden away in these safe warrens, so much the better for the "View Shed" of the elite.

I am not certain that noblesse oblige is an emotion common to run of the mill folks.  It gets even rarer among those in America who worship their own bodies and mind.  It is obviously uncomfortable for them to deal with the poor and the crippled and the stupid.  When you couple the two, you get an unfeeling elite that is completely out of touch and contemptuous of a huge sector of the population.

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