Monday, July 25, 2016

Four: Power, Privilege, Faith and Wealth

The most successful trick was linking the corporate mantra of profit without responsibility to the concept of individual liberty.
Matt Taibbi 

The Galtheads are the problem in America today.  The NeoCon's and the NeoLibs are merely the latest face-paint for this disease.  The idea of the untermensch as contemptible and the Ubermensch as the self-proclaimed savior has a long history behind it.  Kiss up and kick down, the mantra of the Republican party the gospel core of the Calvinists who make up a pretty big damn chunk of the electorate.

Look, the philosophical core of the NeoCon and the NeoLib is simple:  We want as much control and as much wealth accruing to us as possible.  We are in the right.  We will do what we need to do to obtain this control.   This is referred to in some circles as "Liberty".

They don't give a damn about fairness.  Wealth and power accrued is their only goal, starving everyone around them to permit them forgetfulness offered by the elixir of wealth and power is seen as a worthy goal.

So the corporations and their whores made an excellent tactical move in years past.  They bought up the means of mass communication here in the USA.  They installed obedient little coiffed, preferably blonde airheads to read the equivalent of the high school student body speeches every morning.  What we get as news in the mass media is really just the press releases of the corporate state.

Look, I really can't say that the democracy experiment is panning out the way that I thought that it would.  I didn't realize that it could be that easily subverted.  I am astonished that people can't see that the form of government that rules us does not appear to have the interests of the vast majority of the populace in mind when they rule.

It would appear to me that the Neoliberal/corporatist project I defined in the earlier paragraphs has made excellent tactical moves.  They  are in control of the media, they are in control of the Democratic party.  The rage against them is increasing though.  The internet, with all of its odd corners and crazy talk rages against the machine.  The vaunted "Southern Strategy" that the Republicans set 40 some odd years ago has backfired and the docile crackers that they recruited to vote against the blacks and abortion have turned on them.

Gonna be a heck of a year, one way or another.

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