Thursday, July 14, 2016

Short and Bilious

OK, I am only going to say this once.

If you are one of the pathetic loser middle-class white men who drive around in their SUV with the windows open and your little lap dog (Read here Shitzu, or King Charles Spaniel, or Bichon Frise or some other little yapping fluffy bag of shit) sitting on your lap.  Please stop reading this blog...Now, forever!  You are a loser who I don't even want reading my material in case there is a chance of any of your utter and complete lameness somehow crawling back along the alleyways of the internet and infecting me.

If you are one of these morons with a SUV and the following;
  • a NRA sticker, 
  • a pro second amendment sticker, and 
  • a sticker defining gun control as holding your weapon with both hands, 
and your little white dog sitting on your lap actually barking at people at traffic lights .......well, all I can hope is that you haven't reproduced.

This country is exceptional, but I posit it isn't for the right reasons.

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