Friday, July 29, 2016

You Know....

I think that we the USA might be worse off than we thought.


I wrote yesterday about the definitions of hypocrisy and sin.  Someone whose writings I respect sent back a quick e-mail clarifying his thoughts, and that helped.

A hypocrite fails and lies about it, to themselves and to others.  A sinner repents.

But then I started thinking, and it took me further into the land of "troubled".  What is the definition of someone who believes that their failures are successes, that instead of bearing false witness against himself, he/she genuinely believe that they have done no wrong.  There are these folks out there.

If you fail, and in your own mind, cannot recognize that failure and immediately paint your failures as success and your weaknesses as strengths, what does that make you?  If you see the act of taking things and selling yourself as as a normal part of business as usual and not a sin, does doing so make you a sinner.

In my mind, we are talking about choosing between two broken vessels.  Folks out there bandy about cold sounding clinical descriptions:  Sociopaths, paranoids...etc...etc...etc.

More and more we are just trying beat around the bush and not say out loud what everyone seems to know.

We are only discussing our choice between one type of madness and another.

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