Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Caveat Legens

I am in no way supporting a drastic change to the current way of the world.

But, everything that I see seems to point in the direction of a massive change in the way that the world works.

I am quite comfortable in the current system thank you very much.  But, as an old man, reasonably rich in experience, I have come to the conclusion that what I want has little effect on the machinations of the world.

All my writing, crackpot theorizing, and low-grade analysis done here, albeit mostly unnoticed and unread, is merely a means for me to:
  • Try and figure out the "Why" and "Who"
  • work out my best guess of the "When".  This will also include recognizing that the "when" of such a scenario may be past my lifespan and that, as such, can be safely ignored.
  • and then to figure out "where" to be when and if such a thing occurs
  • finally to discover the "how", should such a thing become necessary, I will integrate the above data into a concrete plan.
Obviously, I might be wrong about everything written here.

Caveat Legens

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