Monday, August 15, 2016


Whoever wins this abomination of an election, a significant minority of Americans will view the result as further proof of “rigged” and irredeemably corrupt political system dominated by two deeply amoral organizations.  Rather than reconciling the country and allowing us to move forward, this election will add to the chasms separating the two Americas.

We aren't going into a second American revolution or civil war any time soon.  But we will proceed apace in the direction we are heading.  The wealth will become increasingly concentrated as the financial sector sucks the life out of the economy.  The middle/professional bourgeoisie will be shrunk further as the hard core elite continue to winnow the lower edge of this most threatened class.

Now, I can already hear the cries of disagreement.  "Certainly you must mean that the working class is the most threatened".  Nope, they have already been screwed.  There is no threat there, the action has been taken and implemented.

So, the next while (I am guessing 5-8 years) will be a steady and slow degradation of the lower reaches of what passes for a professional/working class.  They will begin to see that they are the next on the chopping block and will begin to make common cause with the already screwed working class to strike back at the corporate/financial elite.

So, what I thought would happen will happen, it will just happen when it decides to, not when my predictions say it will happen.

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russell1200 said...

Most revolutions are started by elites elbowing their way toward the rewards they feel are their due. It's why college students are so dangerous. The elites may enlist the proletariat into their cause, but its the elites you would expect to drive the agenda.

What makes it really tough with the US is that we have been so wealthy, that there are a lot of elite groups out there.