Monday, August 29, 2016

The Two Nations

At the end of the day, this is why the vast majority American is not happy. At the end of the day, this is why the US is inching toward the failed state status. 

The mythical “Men on the street” really don't think, they believe.  They have been fed a ration of crap their whole life and been told that it is the whole truth.  I am impressed by just how many different plates of shit we have been fed and just how many people have bought in.  The list is stunning in its breadth;  Free-market, American Exceptionalism, Calvinist Christianity, these have become the New Holy Trinity here in Red America. They are opposed by a completely different set of odd beliefs.  In the land of Blue, the piecemeal faith of sexual identity, globalism, and social justice creates a strangely ineffective counterpoint to the ravings of the Red.

We have lost the leaders of our society.  They seem to have vanished and left in their place poseurs who mouth the words needed to convince the gullible that they, the poseurs, and only they, have the gift of prophecy required to fulfill the needs of the nation. But if the beliefs of the two countries is so deeply riven that any promise will piss off half the population, nothing good will come out of the attempt. 

But what no one wants to talk about is how neither of the two beliefs stated can be reconciled with the facts on the ground. Both beliefs require infinite growth on a finite world. Both require human nature to have something that human nature doesn’t seem to have any evidence of possessing. The two beliefs are proven failures.

The clowns we get are the clowns we deserve. Because there are vanishingly few of us here in the good old USA that bother to think about the nature of our faith (and I am not at all certain I belong to the thinking subset), we vote in the clowns that seem most likely not to disturb whatever particular secular faith that we espouse. But to provide for one set of beliefs tears at the fabric of the other belief so the emnity is permanent, the defect is structural.

The mass-democracy overlaying a Republic that we tout as exceptional is just going to stay here and fester. It cannot resolve the conflicting goals of the two populaces that inhabit this chunk of North America, so it will just continue down the path it is on. No change, no fixes, just the same shit.

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