Monday, November 28, 2016

Bitching About Blogger

I do it, everyone that uses it does it.

I am just not at all for certain that it is justified.

I have been writing on this medium for over eleven years now.  100K plus visitors.  That is a fair sized soap box for any purpose.

But yet I bitch about Blogger.

I haven't set up a single server, I didn't have to write any code.  Most important, I didn't have to lay out a dime of my own money.  But I still bitch because an entity like Google chooses to modify the interface to fit their needs.  

Kinda shows a little bit about me and others.  They use things and consider it to be their right, when it is in fact a freebie that they ought to have a little gratitude for the convenience and value provided for nothing.

But I will still bitch about the changes whenever they make them.  I will grumble about the changes for the amount of time that it takes me to figure out the change and adapt to it.

In a perfect world, I would thank Google for the free service that they provide.  But since they show every indication of becoming a nasty cross between predatory business practices and politically correct douchebaggery, I don't think that is going to happen.

So instead, you get to hear me confess to the sin of ingratitude.

Fair Enough? 

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